Oklahoma Oil & Gas Jobs

Oklahoma has had an oil and gas industry before it was even a state! This area is part of the Mid-Continent Oil Region, which also extends into Texas and Kansas. In this state, the Woodford Shale play is the source of thousands of jobs - and it likely will be for years to come.

Woodford Shale

With over 43,000 active wells and over a hundred new drill sites coming online in most years, the Woodford Shale play is a great source of gas jobs in the United States. This play stretches across 12 different counties in Oklahoma and several companies are exploring and producing gas from the Woodford Shale. Want to find more specific information about the companies hiring today?

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Oklahoma is relatively new to the natural gas game, since Woodford Shale gas is only recently reachable in an economical way. Companies are using fracking and horizontal drilling techniques to reach gas pockets quickly and more easily, but these techniques can also have a potentially negative impact on the environment, so jobs are available in well clean-up and environmental research as well.

Oil Fields and Refineries in Oklahoma

Natural gas may be new in Oklahoma, but crude oil is not. Oklahoma is home to about 90,000 active oil wells! Combined, the oil and gas industry accounts for about 50,000 direct jobs in this state, mostly in the extraction part of the industry.

This state is also home to six refineries, where you can find even more jobs.

The Keystone Pipeline Project

In the coming years, this state might also be home to an extension of the Keystone Pipeline Project, which currently connects United States and Canadian petroleum sources for distribution. If approved, this new extension will take the pipe all the way to Texas, creating even more jobs for pipefitters, welders, truck drivers, inspectors, and other positions related to the construction of this new line. Some of these jobs will be temporary, while others will be permanent. Approval of this project is being debated in Washington right now.

Oklahoma's job market in respect to the oil and gas industry will only continue to grow this year and beyond.

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