Oil & Gas Fracking Jobs

Hydraulic Fracturing Rig photoThanks to something called hydraulic fracturing - or fracking for short - it's getting easier to reach and produce oil and natural gas from shale deposits.

A high percentage of America's natural gas is now coming from fracking operations. Natural gas is one of the cleanest, safest, and most important of the world's energy sources. It is different from the gasoline that fuels our automobiles, which is a petroleum-based fuel. Natural gas is colorless, shapeless, and odorless in its pure form, but also naturally combustible, in great supply in the United States, and when it is burned, natural gas burns clean. It produces a great amount of energy while at the same time emitting few harmful byproducts into the air.

Many experts consider natural gas the energy of the future, and one that will not only greatly reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but also represents a cleaner and healthier choice for our environment.

And all this interest in natural gas is translating into greater exploration, productivity, and the creation of thousands of new jobs.

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Natural Gas Job Opportunities

Natural gas is an energy source for private homes, commercial businesses, and industries. It is found in geological formations, or 'plays' hundreds of feet beneath the surface of the earth. In the last several years, energy companies have developed new technology that has made the drilling necessary to harvest natural gas faster, easier, and more cost-effective. Where's all the work occurring?

Where are the Gas Fracking Jobs?

Shale Oil & Gas Plays in the USA

Natural Shale Gas Jobs Map image
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Some big-time oil and gas shale plays include:

  • The Bakken Shale, located in North Dakota (as well as Montana and parts of Canada).
  • The Barnett Shale, located near Forth Worth, Texas.
  • The Haynesville Shale, which is spread over East Texas and Louisiana
  • The Eagle Ford Shale, which extends throughout the state of Texas from Gonzales County to the Mexican border
  • The Utica Shale and Marcellus Shale, located in the Appalachian Basin of the United States, which includes New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky, Maryland, Tennessee, and Virginia.
  • The Monterey Shale, located in California.

All of these plays are discussed in further detail in other sections of OilJobFinder.com - check out all the specifics regarding jobs, employer profiles, current activity, and the potential each may have for you and your career in the oil and natural gas industry!

Looking for Natural Gas Jobs

According to Natural Gas Supply Association website, the natural gas industry employs several million Americans, 622,000 people directly and another 2.2 million through jobs related to the natural gas industry. Worldwide the number is obviously much, much bigger!

Natural gas exploration and production workers in the United States earn wages that are sometimes double the national average, and help employ other individuals in a variety of industries, including automobile manufacturing, housing, construction, engineering, research, manufacturing, retail sales, and many more.

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