Help Wanted in North Dakota

Bakken Shale Employers are Hiring

North Dakota Oil PhotoIn the future, the United States does not want to rely on foreign countries for oil. Luckily, the state of North Dakota is one of the newest oil hot spots. Along with parts of Montana, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, North Dakota is home to the largest accumulation of oil in the Lower 48 states. It's bigger than Louisiana, Texas, California, and Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

It's called the Bakken Formation.

The USGS is conservatively estimating that there are between 3.5 and 4.3 billion barrels of oil two miles below the plains and ghost towns of western North Dakota. With current prices of oil as high as they are, the oil rich lands of North Dakota is sitting on an oil jackpot.

Bakken Job Opportunities

The Bakken Formation is causing people to rush to North Dakota. There are jobs to be had for people willing to work in the region, and who have certain skill sets and knowledge. Because of good hourly wages and overtime, and a shortage of workers, earnings potential is high. The oil industry and those industries that support it are welcoming hard workers with open arms.

The whole region is exploding with potential. Oil wells are going up all over the place. Now there are more than 5,400 wells in North Dakota (a couple hundred are active) with a high percentage of those tapped into the Bakken Formation. Many wells bring in around $1 million a year and creates over 100 direct and indirect jobs.

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The sudden explosion in North Dakota oil means that workers are in high demand. It's not to say that anyone can just get a job, but with training and a willingness to work hard there are jobs available that have all been created by the Bakken Formation.

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Who knows what type of oilfield job might be the perfect fit for you?

  • Roughneck Jobs
  • Roustabout Jobs
  • Derrickhand Jobs
  • Driller Jobs
  • Geologist Jobs

And other employment opportunities including: Water Hauler, Surveyor, Welder, Heavy Equipment Mechanic and Operator, Trucker, Reservoir Engineer.

The Bakken Formation is no joke. Companies are eager to hire hard workers who will come to North Dakota to help extract massive quantities of oil. Oil opportunities like North Dakota's Bakken Formation may only come around once in a lifetime. The Bakken Formation is truly significant to the oil industry.

This is your chance to take advantage of the high demand for oil field workers and make a lifestyle change that will set you up for a long and successful career.

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