Cancel Membership

When you are done using your Premium Membership to OilJobFinder, you need to cancel it to avoid it auto-renewing.

We make it very easy to cancel your membership when you are done using it. Here are your three options:

Option #1 – Automated Membership Cancellation Link (This is the Preferred Method)

*You must be logged into your account to use

After you cancel your membership, you can continue to use your membership until it expires. We do not refund unused portions of memberships.

Option #2 – Use our Membership Cancellation Form

*You DO NOT need to be logged into your account to use

Option #3 – Cancel Over the Phone

If you do not have your account login information, you can cancel over the phone by calling us at (866) 721-6083.

If all representatives are busy (or if it is after business hours), you will automatically be put into our automated cancellation system. You will need to leave:

  • your first and last name (please spell your last name)
  • your phone number
  • your login name (if you know it)
  • your email address (if you would like an email confirmation)(make sure to speak slowly and spell out your whole email address)

We will consider your membership cancelled from the time you call and leave us this information.

Membership Reactivation

If you decide that you want to reactive your membership to OilJobFinder, here are your three options:

  1. Call us at (877) 321-8766 ext. 88
    (during business hours: Monday – Friday – 8 AM – 6 PM – Pacific Time)
  2. Use our Membership Reactivation Form
  3. Or simply sign up for a new membership by going to and get immediate access.

We thank you for your support of OilJobFinder and are always looking for helpful suggestions on how to improve our service.