Oil & Gas Jobs in Wyoming

Wyoming is the second biggest producer of natural gas and the seventh biggest producer in oil in the United States. There are 38,000 wells in this state and 20 of the 23 counties are active in the oil and gas industry, so there are more than a few jobs available in Wyoming - you just have to know where to look, and who's hiring.Wyoming Gas Field photo The biggest area of interest in this state is the Niobrara Shale play.

Wyoming and Niobrara Shale Jobs

The Niobrara Shale play extends across a number of states, and although it is mainly located in Colorado, several counties in Wyoming are also overlaying this play. Exploration has just recently started in this part of the state, but the potential for years of production in the Wyoming part of the Niobrara Shale play means definite job creation.

Today, there are dozens of active rigs in this area, and more will be coming online over the next decade, so extraction jobs make up the bulk of the new positions that would be created in this area.

The Niobrara Shale play will likely create jobs for unskilled, untrained workers, which is good news if you haven't been through a college program. Companies in this area will pay much more than minimum wage and you'll receive on-site training and, in some cases, room and board. So these are great opportunities for hard workers.

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Other Shale Plays in Wyoming

While the Niobrara is the most talked-about shale play in Wyoming right now, it isn't the only place where you can find oil and gas jobs in this state. Other shale plays in this state include Hilliard-Baxter, Phosphoria, Mowry, Mesaverde, Lewis, Mesaverde-Lance-Fort Union, and Wasatch-Green River.

Tight-Sand Oil/Gas Jobs in Wyoming

Natural gas in Wyoming isn't just from shale plays. One of the largest sources of oil and gas jobs in this state is the tight-sand gas accumulation. The largest two fields in this area are Jonah and Pinedale, and in these fields account for a huge percentage of the gas collected in Wyoming. In these areas, companies are hiring not just extraction workers, but also engineers, geologists, and other skilled employees due to the makeup of the ground in this area.

Other Wyoming Gas and Oil Jobs

Wyoming is also home to quite a large number of oil refineries and gas processing plants, so you can also find oil and gas industry jobs in these locations. In addition, Wyoming has hundreds of miles of pipeline to maintain and drivers are needed to transport products as well.

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