Oil and Gas Jobs in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has been a player in the oil and gas industry since 1895 when the first commercial well was drilled in the United States in Titusville, PA.Pennsylvania photo For a long while interest in oil and gas in Pennsylvania had waned, but recently, new drilling techniques have made it possible for companies in this state to unlock a huge hidden potential gas source - the Marcellus Shale Play.

Many thousands of new jobs are projected to come to Pennsylvania over the new few years if drilling and hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") for natural gas continues.

What You Need to Know about Pennsylvania Shale Gas

The type of shale find in Pennsylvania holds crazy amounts of natural gas - but in the past, companies didn't have a way to get to this gas in a way that made economic sense. Today, a process called fracking - coupled with horizontal drilling - has changed the game. Since the first 2003 drill site using these processes, companies have been hitting solid gold - in the form of gas! In 2007, the industry really began to boom and today, companies can't buy land rights leases fast enough.

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In total, this shale play covers over 65 million acres in Pennsylvania - basically, the entire state save the southeastern Philadelphia area and spots in the central part of the state. Experts aren't even sure that the entirety of the overall opportunity has been sized up yet!

As more and more companies begin to explore the Marcellus Shale play in Pennsylvania, it's pretty clear that drilling will lead to a huge boost in the job market. Both direct and indirect jobs.

Curious as to what companies are operating in Pennsylvania? Our members section has all of those details - and more! Currently, there are thousands of approved well sites and more every year. It means: More. Jobs.

Environmental Jobs Too

Environmentalists have long criticized the fracking technique for potentially polluting the groundwater in areas surrounding drill sites. No doubt, oil exploration and production can cause a mess. Fortunately, companies are forced to monitor their operations and clean up messes.

So, as you can imagine, not only are there tradition oil and gas jobs openings in Pennsylvania, but also a great many jobs for environmental engineers, biologists, environmental lawyers, inspectors, and others with skills related to protecting the environment.

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