New Mexico Oil & Gas Jobs

Did you know that New Mexico is one of the top crude oil and natural gas producers in the United States (10th in overall energy production)? With over 13,000 jobs this industry directed related to oil and gas, this is a great place to find a job.

Shale Plays and Oil Fields throughout New Mexico

Unlike some states where there are only one or two plays, shale plays and oil fields are found throughout New Mexico. The first place to find a job is in the southeast corner of the state, where you'll find the Avalon shale play. This play is otherwise known as Leonard Shale and is part of a formation known as Bone Spring. Today, there are thousands of wells in this area of the state alone.

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Avalon Shale isn't your only option, though! The San Juan Basin area is another great place to find oil jobs. There are five major sandstone formations in this part of the state, with over 20,000 active wells. Over the next five years that number is expected to grow ever higher.

Bravo Dome Jobs

New Mexico Oil photoIn the oil and gas industry, we usually talk about petroleum, but there's a unique location in New Mexico called the Bravo Dome where a different type of gas is harvested - carbon dioxide. The drilling process is similar with carbon dioxide as it is with natural gas, so if you have experience in one, it's easy to find a job in the other.

With about 16 trillion cubic feet still remaining to be collected in this area, there's no shortage of jobs - and even if you don't have experience, there are unskilled laborer jobs to be found too.

Refineries, Transportation, and Distribution

In New Mexico, crude oil is processed at two different refineries, but even more important is the Blanco Hub. At this location, natural gas is distributed from Texas, the Rocky Mountain region, and the state itself so that it can be easily transported to West Coast areas for consumers.

Salary rates in oil and gas are high throughout the state of New Mexico.

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