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Athabasca Oil Sands Employment PhotoWho would know that places called Wood Buffalo and Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada, is bustling with oil exploration and production activity? It's not just's absolutely booming! This is 600 miles north of Montana in case you're curious. They call this place Athabasca Oil Sands Country and Fort McMurray's city slogan is "We have the energy!"

CBS News recently ran a story called, "The Oil Sands Of Alberta: Where Black Gold And Riches Can Be Found In The Sand." The piece had to be real eye opener to many who didn't think oil was produced in Canada. The news story tells of how the oil industry is going 24/7, 365 days of the year digging up dirt and extracting a heavy, sticky oil substance for refinement.

More importantly, Canadian government representatives divulged that thousands more workers are needed in the Wood Buffalo region to get the work accomplished. An airstrip has been built and every effort is being made to accommodate the growing population.

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And it's a wealthy group too. Companies are paying people a premium to work in this remote area for heavy equipment operators, welders, pipefitters, many types of engineers, geologists, safety specialists, steel fabricators...the list goes on. One 22-year old interviewed in the CBS story broadcast on 60 Minutes claimed to be earning $120,000 per year.

Many of the laborer positions are going to Canadians first and foremost but there are plenty of non-Canadians living and working in Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo. Especially those with engineering skills and education in the geosciences.

Employers working on Kearl Oil Sands projects need people too!

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OilJobFinder has an entire section dedicated to describing oil sands in Alberta as well as a page with advice on getting a Canadian work permit.

The forecast was, and continues to be, that thousands of new oil sands-related positions will be posted and (hopefully!) filled over the next decade in the Wood Buffalo region of Alberta. The vacancies result from both industry growth and the need to replace employees lost due to attrition.

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