Montana Oil & Gas Jobs

Montana Oilfields photoMontana is in the Top 20 when it comes to energy production. It turns out that North Dakota isn't the only far northern state with Bakken Shale laying beneath it. This gas reserve continues on beneath parts of Montana and Canada as well, and the Alberta Bakken Shale play, part of this formation, is now helping to create new jobs in Montana. Experts expect Bakken Shale in Montana to continue being productive through 2020 and beyond.

Bakken Shale and the Natural Gas Industry in Montana

With thousands of wells in in this state already, Montana is the 10th highest crude oil producing state, which means that there are tons of jobs in this state. The Bakken Shale play in Montana is able to be explored through a process called fracking, where well drillers use pressured water mixed with sand and chemicals to break the stone where the natural gas is embedded. You can find jobs in this state at the production sites, in a refinery, working on pipelines, for trucking companies, and in environmental clean-up.

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Right now, most of the excitement in the Bakken Shale play is in North Dakota, but experts say that we don't yet know the extent of the gas reserves in Montana. There are dozens of companies hiring in this state, and you can learn about many of them in the members section of OilJobFinder. In addition, this state is home to several gas refineries where you can pursue work.

High Paying Jobs for Skilled and Unskilled Workers

One of the reasons why so many people are flocking to the Bakken Shale play in North Dakota is that you're able to earn a much higher salary in one of these positions even as an unskilled laborer with no college education. Of course, you can earn more money if you have experience or have a degree that allows you to work as an engineer, supervisor, or other leader in the field, but earning potential is higher for everyone involved in exploration, drilling, refining, and others parts of the oil and gas industry. Currently, pay rates in Montana are excellent.

The Heath Shale Play in Montana

Right now, Bakken Shale is in the news, but this isn't the only play in Montana right now. The Heath Shale play could also be an extremely lucrative play in this state. Some even think this could be a mini-Bakken, so the job potential in this area is high as well! Over the next three to four years, keep your eye on this area - lots of jobs may be opening in this state in the Heath Shale play area as well.

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