Field Technician Job Responsibilities

Oil field technicians operate equipment that will help increase the oil flow from producing wells. They do this by removing obstructions such as stuck pipe, casing, or tools to help increase the flow of oil and the overall productivity of the operation. Field technicians help increase production by observing load variations on strain gauges, mud pumps, and motor pressure indicators; and monitoring engines, rotary chains, and other equipment to detect faulty or unusual conditions.

There are several different types of field technicians who may work at an oilfield or drilling site, including:

  • Electronics technicians
    • Most oil and gas drilling rigs have computer terminals in each office to provide status regarding many aspects of drilling, including liquid flow, mud pumps, rotary table speed, rate of penetration (ROP), and weight on bit. Oil rig electronics technicians install, maintain, and troubleshoot complex systems such as sensors, display units, networked PCs, rig communications systems, and satellite communications systems.
  • Pump service technicians
    • Oil pump service technicians specialize in oil pumps, and must have the ability to rebuild, remove, assemble, install, and troubleshoot them, and also train new technicians as needed
  • Electrical installation and maintenance technicians
    • These types of technicians monitor high voltage power generation and distribution systems, motors, control systems, and electrical equipment specifically designed for use in hazardous areas.
  • Tool technicians
    • Oil field tool technicians break down, restore, and reassemble a variety of oilfield tools.
  • Corrosion technicians
    • Oil field corrosion technicians coordinate the maintenance of large pipeline networks, monitoring the coatings of existing equipment, structures, and facilities to identify problems.
  • Mechanical maintenance technicians
    • Mechanical maintenance technicians are responsible for the valves, pumps, and transmission systems of diesel engines and gas turbines.
  • Production technicians
    • Production technicians start up, control, monitor, and shut down sub-systems. They focus on safe operations while achieving production targets.

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