The Barnett Shale Gas Field

Texas has always been a leader in oil both onshore and offshore. In fact, Texas currently provides over one-third of all the oil in the United States. It has been a stable oil producing state since the early 1900s. With the onset of new technologies, Texas is ready to explode with oil and gas producing potential. If you’ve ever thought that the oil industry might be for you, then it is time to make the move to Texas. While the rest of the economy is struggling, people in Texas are living large. And the reason is the Barnett Shale.

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The Barnett Shale Formation dates back to around 350 million years ago. Deep beneath the well-established cities of Dallas and Forth Worth lies this natural gas rich geological formation. It may be the largest and most active natural gas field in the United States. It is estimated to cover 5,000 square miles and reaches into 17 different counties. This sedimentary rock formation contains nearly 2.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, plus 30 trillion cubic feet of gas resources and enough oil to make anyone smile. The Barnett Shale Formation is legit.

The Barnett Shale is extremely hard. That makes it very difficult to drill into, but with new technology, the oil and gas industries can access this previously untapped resource. Hydraulic fracturing technology and horizontal drilling are the keys to accessing this vast underground world of natural gas. Plus with the current demand and high prices of natural gas and oil, it is economically worthwhile to drill deep into the soils of Texas to extract this moneymaking natural resource.

In the 1980s scientists discovered the Barnett Shale. In 1999, they began to extract the precious natural gas and oil. But it has not been easy. The development of new technologies has helped tremendously. It has allowed the oil and gas industry to leave less of a footprint on the Earth, which is extremely important because the Barnett Shale sits almost directly beneath the metropolises of Dallas and Fort Worth. But with the taste of money and the longing for the United States to be energy independent, Texas is making every effort to drill on existing public lands with a minimum amount of impact.

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