North Dakota Oil

There’s an oil boom in North Dakota. Oil was discovered in North Dakota in the 1950s, but it has been a relatively untapped resource until just recently. With new technology, the oil that sits two miles under North Dakota is finally being tapped and the whole region is exploding. Now is the time to get into what the oil of North Dakota has to offer.

Upon first glance, the western part of North Dakota is full of empty prairies, struggling farms, and ghost towns. But two miles beneath the amber waves of grain, sandwiched between two layers of hard rock called shale, are billions of barrels of oil. New, cheap, technological advances in oil drilling are being used to drill this new reserve, which has been called the largest single find of oil in United States history.

The oil field is called the Bakken Formation. It lies under the ground of North Dakota, Montana, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. This thing is huge. It covers an area larger than West Virginia. The majority of it in North Dakota and that is why North Dakota is on the verge of something big. The United States Geological Survey claims that just the oil under the United States Border is estimated to be 3.65 to 4.3 billion barrels. The state of North Dakota’s research says that 2.1 billion of those barrels are under North Dakota This is the largest accumulation of oil in the Lower 48 states. Louisiana, Texas, and California are small in comparison.

North Dakota oil is exploding with potential for anyone that is there or who wants to go there. This is like the Alaska Gold Rush of the 1800s, people are flocking to the region.For anyone with an adventurous spirit and a will to work hard, they can make off like a bandit. Based on current average prices of $110 for one barrel of oil, North Dakota oil stands to rake in upwards of $475 billion!

The North Dakota oil fields have created many job opportunities. Back in the 1950s people were selling North Dakota mineral rights for roughly 50 cents per acre. Those mineral rights are now going for over $1,500 per acre. On top of that oil wells are popping up all over the place. The whole region is exploding with potential. Now there are more than 5,400 wells in North Dakota (a couple hundred are active) with a high percentage of those tapped into the Bakken Formation. Many wells bring in around $1 million a year and create over 100 direct and indirect jobs.

Now is the time to go to North Dakota. There is an ever-growing demand for workers to keep the drilling going around the clock on the Bakken Formation. If you’re ready to start a solid career, now is the time to start a job search.

North Dakota may not be the place you’ve always dreamed of living, but it is a place where you can settle down, earn a solid living, and have a strong career in the oil business.

North Dakota oil is quite simply one of the most incredible things to happen to the United States in a long time. In a time of high gas prices, unpredictable foreign relations, and a struggling economy, North Dakota can help the United States land on its feet.

This whole oil boom is directly related to the oil rich, underground Bakken Formation.

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The Bakken Formation