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Use the JobCenter to search for Featured Jobs and Company Profiles.

You should also post your personal profile so that employers can contact you when searching our Member Profile Database. This can be done from your JobCenter Dashboard.

To conduct an effective and efficient job search, we recommend the following plan of action

    after you have read all of the OilJobFinder content:
  • Post your resume – create one in the JobCenter and/or upload one. This can be done from your Dashboard. It is important to be as thorough as possible when filling out your profile. Make sure to include your qualifications and training and put some thought into your answers. We also recommend that you post a Resume. Please note that when your membership to OilJobFinder becomes inactive your personal profile will be “suspended” and employers will not longer be able to view your profile to offer you a job. At a later date, if you decide to re-activate your membership, your personal profile will once again be added to the Job Center where employers can once again view it when they are looking for people to fill open positions.
  • Regularly search the Featured Jobs Database. Jobs are added every single day. These are jobs that employers are actively recruiting to fill. We recommend searching the Featured Jobs Database at least once per week.
  • Create one or more Job Alerts. You’ll start receiving regular emails full of jobs that meet your criteria! It’s easy to designate keywords and preferred job locations.
  • Search and apply to companies through the detailed employer profiles in the Company Profiles Database. Many of the jobs in the oil industry sectors covered by OilJobFinder are never advertised. This doesn’t mean that they are not available; it just means that they do not advertise them to the general public. That is why our detailed employer listings are so useful. An effective way of getting a job in these industries is to apply directly to the companies offering these jobs. In each employer profile we provide you details on the best way to apply for each type of job.

We recommend you start off by applying to 7 or 8 companies that you really like. If listed in the profile, we recommend you apply via e-mail. Please remember it is never a good idea to e-mail more than one company in one e-mail. Take the time to e-mail (if required) each company separately and try to personalize each e-mail.

Important – when searching for jobs & companies to apply to, you should search both “Search Company Profiles” & “Search Featured Jobs.” Search THOUSANDS of additional oil and gas industry jobs from across the internet with this board customized for our members: CLICK HERE.

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