Other Supervisory Positions

This is just a sampling of the other supervisory positions into which a person can work their way up, which are not directly part of the rig crew.

BARGE ENGINEER (Offshore Only): This job is not the classic engineering position, but primarily requires strong nautical experience and certifications; therefore, a college degree is not necessarily required. Barge engineers have the lead on control room operations such as rig stability, anchor handling, supply vessel coordination and more. Most have master certification from the Navy, Coast Guard or Merchant Marines, and excellent command of safety and fire procedures.


CONTROL ROOM OPERATOR: Offshore, this position assists the Barge Engineer in anchoring and retrieval work, as well as processing paperwork and permits.

Pay is usually in the $40,000 range. There are comparable control room operator positions onshore, usually paying in to $30,000 range.

MAINTENANCE FOREMAN, CHIEF ELECTRICIAN, CHIEF MECHANIC: These jobs, which are self-descriptive, are clearly vital to any rig.

Pay varies considerably, from the $30,000s and up for a maintenance foreman, to the $40,000s and often well above for chief electricians and mechanics.

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