Oil and Gas Employment Opportunities

All in all, onshore oil and gas E&P offers excellent employment opportunities, and the industry is especially in search of young people – college educated or not – to replace its aging work force.

See our extensive Q&A section for more information on this trend and many others in both onshore and offshore drilling, as well as background on how oil and gas are discovered and produced. Questions answered are as follows:

How do companies know where to look for oil and gas?

How does the exploratory well drilling process work?

Once oil and/or gas are found, how are they produced?

How does drilling equipment work?

What kinds of jobs exist on rigs exist for people without college degrees?

What are working conditions like on an onshore rig?

What are working conditions like on an offshore rig?

How good are opportunities for younger, inexperienced workers?

What’s the best way to get started searching for an E&P position?

What is being done to protect the safety of rigs and rig workers?

What is being done to protect the environment from oil spills from offshore rigs and other pollution associated with oil and gas production?

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Offshore Oil Drilling