Employers Hiring for Eagle Ford Shale Projects

Oil and gas jobs are in high demand, and one shale play that offers both is the Eagle Ford Shale. The number of drilling permits issued in this formation has jumped by leaps and bounds in the last several years, driving the drilling activity up steadily, as well.Oil Well Derrick photo All this movement means an abundance of gas jobs are available in the Eagle Ford Shale right now.

Facts About the Eagle Ford Shale Play

This shale gas play is named after Eagle Ford, Texas, a town six miles west of Dallas. It runs across Texas from the Webb County near Mexico north to Gonzales County in East Texas, and measures approximately 50 miles wide, 400 miles long, averages about 250 feet thick, and ranges between 4,000 and 12,000 feet deep. One unique aspect of Eagle Ford is that it produces both natural gas and some oil - many shale formations only produce gas.

The Eagle Ford Shale has a high carbonite percentage in south Texas, with more shale in the northwestern portion of the formation. The Eagle Ford Shale is thought to have tremendous potential, and experts have projected that this huge play could contain as much as 25 million barrels of oil and natural gas liquids and upwards of 150 trillion cubic feet of natural gas - as much as is contained in the entire Alaskan and Federal offshore reserves combined.

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Employment Opportunities

New technologies such as hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling are not only advancing productivity in the Eagle Ford Shale, they are creating myriad job opportunities, including:

  • Hydro-Vac Operator
  • Truck Driver and Operator
  • Drilling Engineer
  • Land Tech
  • Production Technician
  • Operations Geologist
  • Exploration Geologist
  • Water Engineer

And many others! You'll find a wide variety of jobs in the booming Texas oil market, from laborer to management positions. Use your OilJobFinder Membership to be able to find all of the employers PLUS the latest job openings.

Employers in the Eagle Ford Shale Region

The Eagle Ford formation is noted for producing variable amounts of gas and oil, with the most active area located above the Edwards Reef Trend. Although Lewis Energy first targeted the area for exploration in 2002, the first wells at the Eagle Ford Shale were drilled by Petrohawk Energy in 2008, and productivity has increased dramatically for oil and gas ever since.

With over 250 rigs working the region, experts see no end in sight, and other companies with activity in the Eagle Ford Shale include:

And dozens of others - there are over 200 active operators in the 30-county area that makes up the Eagle Ford Shale formation. Oil and gas companies are also discovering many 'stacked pay' opportunities in the formations above and below the Eagle Ford Shale, furthering the incredible job potential that the area holds.

All this activity has allowed South Texas to enjoy an economic boom that the residents of towns like Tilden, Cotulla, Three Rivers, and Pawnee had previously only dreamed of.

And best of all: the growth and job opportunities resulting from development of the Eagle Ford Shale are projected to continue for several decades.

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