New Section – Breaking Into Oil & Gas

As always, the OilJobFinder website is growing. This week we launched a new section called, “Breaking In: Entry-Level Oil and Gas Jobs.” Over the next couple of months this new section of the website will grow considerably.

The purpose of this new material is to highlight jobs that can be had with relatively little or no training.

Each job title highlighted includes an overview of the work, job responsibilities, requirements, a list of helpful resources, and more.

To get started we launched:

In total, more than 15 job titles will be highlighted.

ALSO – we are creating directories of training resources for each type of job.

Looking for a trucking driving school? If so, then we’re giving you a starter list of those. The same goes for each different type of job highlighted in this section.

We expect new material will be published every week for the next couple of months.