Welders & Cutters Jobs

Welders and Cutters are used extensively in petrochemical and oil refineries to provide cutting, welding, soldering, and brazing on the almost endless variety of steel pieces found in plants. They must be skilled in doing so either directly from blueprints and/or managerial direction. Duties for Welders may range from performing hot taps on refinery process piping, providing MIG Flux Core welding on a wide variety of steel structures, and providing unconventional manual welding using state-of-the-art automated orbital welding equipment. Cutters must be proficient in arc, plasma, and flame cutting to trim metal objects to specific dimensions. Both Welders and Cutters should have good manual dexterity, good eyesight, and be experienced in working in awkward positions for long periods of time. They must ensure their work meets the standards set by the refinery and by government safety regulations.


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