Refined Product Pipelines

Refined petroleum product lines carry refined petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and jet fuel. Refined product pipelines vary in size from 8 to 24 inches in diameter although some lines can be as large as 42 inches in diameter. They deliver petroleum products to large storage tanks where tanker trucks gather them for distribution to their end destinations, such as gas stations and homes. The following picture shows a tanker leaving a refinery with storage tanks in the background. Refined product pipelines can be made out to the left of the larger storage tank in the foreground.

Refined product pipelines transport about 70% of the nation’s petroleum products with most of the remaining 30% being transported by tanker trucks. Large industries like electrical power generation plants and airports are supplied directly by pipeline.

Refined product pipelines can be found in almost every state with the exception of some New England States and there are about 100,000 miles of refined product pipelines nationwide.

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