Oil and Gas Pipeliner Jobs

Pipeliners perform maintenance and repair on pipelines and the infrastructure supporting them, such as storage tanks and pumping stations. Because virtually all pipelines are exposed to the elements, pipeliners routinely remove rust and grit from outdoor pipeline instrumentation such as meters, gauges, and valves via sandblasting. Pipeliners are also tasked with painting the pipeline and/or covering it with anti-corrosive material. Pipeliners may be called upon for fixing leaks in pipes and ensuring that fittings are sound. For this purpose, they must know how to walk the pipeline and detect leakage and other potential problems.

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Given that pipeliners work most outside and that vast stretches of pipeline (20-100 miles) are located between pumping stations, pipeliners must be familiar with operating a variety of heavy earth moving equipment such as backhoes and bulldozers for ditch digging and backfilling.

Pipeliners have to know how to lay pipe and position pipeline equipment such as pipes, fittings, pumps, valves, and instrumentation for mechanics, welders, carpenters, and fitters.

Pipeliners usually work in teams and for long hours and must be used to manual labor tasks.

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Oil Pipeline Walker