What Operations Technicians Do

Operations technicians are members of shift teams who monitor and operate the facilities of work platforms, often working in cooperation with engineering and construction teams. Their main responsibilities are to maintain plant integrity and ensure a reliable availability of supplies to customers. They do this by troubleshooting mechanical problems and performing maintenance to reduce rig downtime. Some of their common job responsibilities include:

  • Being accountable for the day-to-day management of pipeline operations activities
  • Managing their own work area
  • Troubleshooting any production disturbances that may occur
  • Starting and stopping production facilities
  • Carrying out routine and first-line maintenance as needed
  • Gathering information, preparing and tracking permit applications
  • Being familiar with all mechanical equipment located onboard an offshore installation
  • Completing integrity and performance well tests
  • Filing various monthly, quarterly, and annual reports concerning production
  • Participating in team troubleshooting of equipment and processes
  • Leading pigging operations
  • Continually monitoring safety system status
  • Communicating with supervisors about all activities relating to operations
  • Forming part of emergency response team
  • Reporting risks and incidents to the appropriate personnel
  • Maintaining equipment history and all other relevant records

Quick Fact: Operations technicians are sometimes required to climb to heights in excess of 200 feet, lift 50 pounds or more, and stand for long periods of time.

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Job Requirements